If 2016 has taught you anything, it is to create a will.

2016 has been a tough year, especially for musicians and actors.  From David Bowie to Prince, George Michael and Carrie Fisher, they all passed away too soon.  The scary thing is that many of these notables who died were only in their 50s and 60s.  No one expects to die when you think there’s at least 30 or 40 years ahead of you.  The thing is, we all want to live to a ripe old age, preferably over 85.  But that’s not in the cards for everyone.

I don’t want to be Captain Obvious here but, WE ALL DIE.  Death is a natural part of Life.  We just don’t want to talk or think about our mortality.  We still feel it’s ghoulish and if you don’t talk or think about it, then it won’t happen. BUT IT DOES.  I’ve said this many times over, why is it that we plan for weddings, births and anniversaries, but pay no attention to our death?

Doesn’t it seem wrong to leave your funeral or memorial service to some grieving family members and friends to throw together in a few days?  Wouldn’t you feel better now, writing all of your wishes down so that others can have a sense of what you wanted?

Prince didn’t even have a will.  His net worth was over $300 Million.  $300 MILLION!  It’s irresponsible to his family and the fortune he amassed through hard work and creativity to not have had a will in place.  His estate is in probate and the State of Minnesota courts appoint a special administrator who will direct his business interests figuring out what Prince owned and value each property.  It will be the State which determines who receives those assets.  THE STATE WILL DETERMINE HIS WISHES!

We live in a society where people want to be in control of every aspect of their lives, yet no one seems to plan for their death.  According to a 2015 Harris Poll, 64% of American’s don’t have a will in place!  Do you really want the government to determine your wishes?  Even if you don’t have the means to hire an estate lawyer, you can log onto Legal Zoom and create a boilerplate will.  Have something in place!

This should be your #1 resolution for 2017. Stop putting it off…you’ll feel relief when you create your will.  You walk out of your estate lawyers office feeling a bit lighter and something you didn’t even think you were worrying about (which you were) is off your plate and done.  Why leave it to your loved ones to have to deal with?

So your only resolution for 2017 is to create a will.  Then add on for good measure how you would like to be remembered — whether it is describing your ideal memorial service or an ornate funeral, put it down in writing so people know.  Do you want to be cremated?  Do you want to be buried?  If so, where?  Did you buy a plot somewhere?  Put that down in writing so they know.  What are your favorite flowers, music, cocktails, poems, food…put it all in a document for your final celebration.

Take control of how your LIFE and DEATH should be remembered.  You are the only one that can control that, so get it together now!

A Happy, Healthy New Year to you all!


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